Consumable Buffs

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Icon Name Source Effect Tooltip Duration
Ninja Focus.png Ninja Focus Ninja Focus Potion
  • Increases thrown damage by 7%
  • Increases throwing velocity by 25%
Increased throwing powers 4 minutes
One with the Storm.png One with the Storm Wind Resistance Potion Its like the wind blows through you... 6 minutes
Nightmare-Fueled.png Nightmare-Fueled Nightmare Fuel Potion
  • 2% Increased life regen
  • 15% increased damage
  • +50 HP
Your powers overcome human strength 5 minutes
Flare Immunity.png Flare Immunity Flare Elixir
  • Immunity to the Flarium Inferno debuff
Temporarily immune to Flarium Inferno 20 seconds
Moonlight Rhapsody.png Moonlight Rhapsody Moonlight Potion
  • A purple aura surrounds you, any enemies in that aura will receive a debuff
  • The debuff will stack and, once it reaches a stack of 3, the enemy will explode when damage is dealt to them.
An aura of moonlight surrounds you 6 minutes
Status Effects: Buffs • Debuffs
Attack Dreadfire Aura • Moonlight Rhapsody • Nightmare-Fueled • Phoenix Rebirth • Ninja Focus
Defense Bloodlust • Eerie Regeneration • Flare Immunity • Lapis Shield • Life Fruit Regeneration • One with the Storm • Shield of Dares
Other Baru Absorption
Summoning Minions Crimini • Candeling • Harpy • Royal Harpy • Sandnado • Flare Orbiter • Lunar Crystal • Flare Serpent
Pets Buzzy Beetle
Mounts Blazing Serpent
Light Pets Sigil of the Sun