Minion Buffs

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Icon Name Source Item Tooltip Buff Tooltip
Crimini (buff).png Crimini Eerie Cane Summons a Mini Crimera to fight for you A Mini Crimera will fight for you
Candleing.png Candleing Harvest Staff Summons a Candleing to fight for you It's spook time
Harpy (buff).png Harpy Harpy Staff Summons a Harpy to fight for you. The Harpy will fight for you
Royal Harpy (buff).png Royal Harpy Royal Harpy Staff Summons a Royal Harpy to fight for you. The Royal Harpy will fight for you
Sandnado (buff).png Sandnado Forbidden Sceptre Summons a Sandnado to fight for you. The Sandnado will fight for you
Flare Orbiter (buff).png Flare Orbiter Escaldente Summons a Flare Orbiter to fight for you. The Flare Orbiter will fight for you
Luminous Crystal (buff).png Luminous Crystal Lunar Crystal Staff Summons a Luminous Crystal to fight for you. Command a swarm of deadly crystals
Flare Serpent (buff).png Flare Serpent Staff of Araghur Summons a fiery serpent to assist you
The serpent will enrage if your health falls below 30%
The Flare Serpent will fight for you
Status Effects: Buffs • Debuffs
Attack Dreadfire Aura • Moonlight Rhapsody • Nightmare-Fueled • Phoenix Rebirth • Ninja Focus
Defense Bloodlust • Eerie Regeneration • Flare Immunity • Lapis Shield • Life Fruit Regeneration • One with the Storm • Shield of Dares
Other Baru Absorption
Summoning Minions Crimini • Candeling • Harpy • Royal Harpy • Sandnado • Flare Orbiter • Lunar Crystal • Flare Serpent
Pets Buzzy Beetle
Mounts Blazing Serpent
Light Pets Sigil of the Sun