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Status messages display as chat lines in the lower-left of the game screen when certain conditions apply.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • When a NPC spawns, the message "[NPC name] the [NPC class] has arrived!" displays.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

  • When most bosses are summoned, the message "[boss name] has awoken!" displays.
  • When some bosses reach a specific phase or have been defeated, the following messages will display:
Message Trigger Boss
"150 Seconds left to defeat Novaniel" Novaniel spawns. The Lunarians
"You have made it quite far..."
"You have defeated the incarnation of nightmares..."
"You survived Araghur's flames..."
"You should have stopped when you cleansed the world of the corruption but no, you continued your slaughter..."
"Because of you, the moon empire is shattered..."
"With what little power I have left, I will destroy you."
Novaniel is present. Novaniel
"I will make you suffer..." The player reaches The Challenger's 50k DPS cap. The Challenger

Other[edit | edit source]

Message Trigger Effect
A new darkness lingers in the night... Queen Bee is defeated for the first time. Announced the presence of The Flaming Pumpkin.
Darkness grows, fear hungers, the nightmares are roaming free. Moon Lord is defeated for the first time. Announced the presence of Abaddon, the Emissary of Nightmares.
The dark energy of Abaddon has been released Abaddon, the Emissary of Nightmares is defeated for the first time. Pockets of Oblivion Shards have spawned underground.
Flarium Crystals formed in the depths of the caverns Araghur, the Flare Serpent is defeated for the first time. Flarium Crystals spawn in the caverns.
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